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FPHSA provides group and individual counseling for clients and their families suffering from a gambling disorder. All services are provided by a certified compulsive gambling counselor.

There are no fees for these services for Florida parish area residents.

For information or to access services contact Robert Hetrick LAC, CCGC at (985) 649-5265.

Common Counseling Myths & Facts:

Counselling Myth 1: Counseling can be expensive.

Fact: There are NO fees for services to Louisiana residents.

Counseling Myth 2: Only gamblers can attend counseling.

Fact: If you are affected by a loved one’s gambling, counseling is available, at no cost.

Counseling Myth 3: You have to stop gambling if you want to attend counseling.

Fact: There is no requirement that you quit gambling before during or after attending counseling. You decide what your counseling goals will be.

Counseling Myth 4: If I see a counselor about gambling everyone will know about it.

Fact: All services are confidential.

Counseling Myth 5: If I go into counseling, I will have to self-exclude from the casinos.

Fact: All self exclusion from casinos in Louisiana and Mississippi is voluntary.