Florida Parishes
Human Services Authority

Lighting the path forward for Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Washington Parishes.

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All FPHSA Outpatient Clinics and Offices will be closed on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, due to the extreme weather conditions.

If you or a loved one experiences a behavioral health crisis during this time, you can access our after-hours/ emergency line by dialing 1-855-268-1091 or “211”. You may also access crisis chat at www.vialink.org. Text Chat is also available by texting “TXT211” to 504-777-EASE (3273).

If you have a medical emergency, please go to the nearest Emergency Room or dial 911. The National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is 988.

Please continue to check back here for any updates as we continue to monitor the weather and travel safety conditions.


Our vision is that all people of Florida Parishes will be empowered to lead meaningful and productive lives among friends, relatives, and neighbors regardless of behavioral health needs or developmental disabilities. We have been lighting the path forward into Recovery by providing person-centered services to those with behavioral health needs and developmental disabilities so that they may reach their fullest potential in health and wellness since 2004.

Background of FPHSA

The Florida Parishes Human Services Authority was established during the 2003 Louisiana Legislative Session under House Bill 954, sponsored by Representatives Winston, Schwegmann, Strain, Erdey, McVea, Nevers, Powell and Senator Schedler. Upon passage by the Legislature, House Bill 954 became Act 594 of the 2003 Legislative session.

Effective July 1, 2004, Florida Parishes Human Services Authority (FPHSA) became a local governance entity. FPHSA was created to pool funding dollars in the areas of addictive disorders, developmental disabilities, and mental health services and to bring spending and operational decisions down to the local level. The geographical area served by FPHSA includes the following five parishes: Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Washington. The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors composed of nine members, representing the five-parish area. Membership on the FPHSA Board reflects not only a geographical balance, but a balance of perspectives among providers, consumers, and advocates, as well as a balance among the three disabilities served. Under the Authority, it is a goal to avoid duplication, to streamline service delivery, and to improve the quality of care and service delivery to the consumers who are served. FPHSA is funded through the Legislature and receives both State General Funds and Federal Block Grant Funds for operations.

Along with traditional clinic services, such as evaluation, therapy, and medication management, a number of various other services are provided through contract providers, such as respite care, case management, crisis intervention, in-home therapy, vocational training, housing supports, etc. In addition to community-based out-patient services, FPHSA has two inpatient substance abuse treatment programs, Fontainebleau Treatment Center (FTC) and the Alcohol Drug Unit (ADU). FPHSA serves both adults and children who meet the treatment criteria for services in the areas of addictive disorders, developmental disabilities, and/or mental health.

FPHSA’s Strategic Plan

To view FPHSA’s strategic plan for Fiscal Year 2020-2025 (effective for FY 2021) in more detail, please click here.