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Request for Proposal

Opioid Mobile Response Team

Rebecca Soley 327

The Florida Parishes Human Services Authority (FPHSA) is issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for qualified proposers to provide Opioid Mobile Response Team services to the residents of St. Tammany, Washington, Tangipahoa, Livingston and St. Helena Parishes.  Click "Read More" for more information.  

CBT for Depression and Suicidality

Reducing Suicides

Rebecca Soley 327

Florida Parishes Human Services Authority held a 3-day workshop on "Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Depression and Suicidality" for the agency’s clinical staff. The presenter was Rosanna Sposato, Psy.D. from the Beck Institute. The focus of the workshop was to learn how to conceptualize depressed clients, plan treatment based on an individualized conceptualization, establish the therapeutic relationship, instill hope, and use effective cognitive and behavioral strategies to motivate clients to complete homework, modify their maladaptive thinking and behavior, and solve problems on their own. Staff learned how to more effectively elicit and respond to clients’ feedback, measure progress, and prevent relapse. The third day of the training focused on identifying and assessing suicidal clients, implementing specific strategies for preventing and managing suicidal crises, and ethical issues.

This is just one of the many measures the agency is taking to reduce suicides in the community by screening and identifying risk factors for suicide and implement safer practices to reduce suicides. CBT for suicide prevention is a form of psychotherapy that has been found to be effective for suicide prevention. It helps suicidal individuals understand their suicidal mind set and develop skills that will allow them to cope more effectively with suicide triggering situations and prevent the recurrence of a suicidal crises. Being well informed about suicide is crucial in the battle to prevent the needless loss of precious lives.


FPHSA Governing Board Meeting

July 26, 2019

Rebecca Soley 362

Date: Friday, July 26, 2019

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Location: Florida Parishes Human Services Authority, Administrative Office, 835 Pride Drive, Suite B, Hammond, LA 70401

To download a printable version of the meeting announcement, please click here.

LaPFS Certificate of Recognition

Rebecca Soley 416

Florida Parishes Human Services Authority (FPHSA) and ADAPT, Inc. were presented certificates of recognition from Governor John Bel Edwards for contributions to the Louisiana Partnerships for Success I grant program and an unyielding commitment to decreasing and preventing substance use disorders in the community and throughout the state of Louisiana. The award was presented by Dr. Chaunda Mitchell, Director of Drug Policy, Office of the Governor (pictured on the left) and was received by Stephanie Phillips Solar, FPHSA’s Prevention Coordinator/Contract Monitor, CPP, on behalf of the agency (pictured in the middle). She was accompanied by Ginger Champagne, LaPFS I Washington Parish Coalition Coordinator with ADAPT, Inc. (pictured on the right)

To learn more about Louisiana Partnerships for Success, please visit: http://gov.louisiana.gov/page/drug-policy.


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