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Single Point of Entry

The Entry process is to determine the applicant’s eligibility for supports and services in the Developmental Disabilities service system. Meeting criteria for participation in the system does not ensure that a person is eligible for specific support and services. Anyone can apply for services for themselves or another person. However, the individual must agree in writing to participate in the process.

To begin the Entry process, a telephone call can be made to FPHSA and request “DD Entry”.

EarlySteps babies may apply either with the Support Coordinator or call the FPHSA office and request Entry. The Entry process can begin when the child is two (2) years and nine (9) months. From age 0 to age 3, the IFSP will service as the approval in the system. In order to keep the EarlySteps date of entry called the “Protected Date” a child must finish the entry determination by age five (5).